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Concept – Nokia Lumia 850

With all the different concept designs that we’ve viewed for the Apple iPhone, it is only right that currently a fan of the Nokia Lumia range has come up with his unique edition of what an imaginary Nokia Lumia 850 should look like. To clarify, there is no such item as the Lumia 850 presently so this is not a leak no a rumor. It’s only a idea that is the result of a designer from Luxembourg – BrianMFB. The device is similar to a Lumia 800 that has been slimmed down, however it still retains much of the original character.
The backside of the smartphone is designed to have tapered edges and flush mounted side control keys. The display is a 3.8″ one with his rationale that the “Nokia Lumia 950” would have a larger display. Besides that it also runs on the quickly 4G LTE network. Currently, everyone understand that this is only a concept and with the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 proving to be smartphones that are pretty good, it seems that a alternative for them should not be anywhere around in the near future. That said nevertheless, this concept phone does look very good although its white colored back is almost blinding.

New technologies - Concept - Nokia Lumia 850