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iMore reports that Apple is “now targeting” an October release  a smaller version of iPad, with the gadget having a screen of approximately 7″ and be cost $200-$250.
iMore claims that the 7″ iPad will be “similar” to the current Apple iPad – except – of the display size, apparently including a Retina display screen. That would give the iPad Mini a pixel density approximately similar to that of the iPhone 4s.
It remains unclear how Apple would be capable to meet a $200-$250 price point for the iPad Mini given the apparent specifications, although the gadget will reportedly come with just 8 GB of storage space. Still Apple’s latest iPod-touch begins at $199 and this small iPad Mini will undoubtedly have considerably bigger prices on component.
Reports of a iPad Mini have been circulating ever since the release of the original Apple iPad. The sheer quantity of rumors suggest that Apple has at least been working on these gadget, and reports of a prepared launch for later this calendar year have been increasing. But many experts have, however, believed that the gadget might have a non-Retina screen in order to allow Apple to meet lower prices.
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