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Budget tablet-PC E Fun Next 7S

Budget tablet-PC manufacturer E Fun has released that its new product will be a low price 7 inch tablet featuring Android 4.0. The most interesting factor about the latest E Fun Next 7S is its price – $129.99. Just do not hope a best notch experience for that cost.
Whilst the Next 7S does work on Google’s latest mobile OS, this isn’t a Google licensed gadget. That means it delivers with the GetJar App Store instead of the Google Play Store. Furthermore come preloaded with the Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook shop.
The E Fun Next 7S will have a several functions that you did not always discover on old bargain tablets PC such as auto-rotation, a G-Sensor, and multi-touch screen. It also has a microSD card slot and work with Adobe Flash Player 11.
The tablet PC has a 1 GHz one core CPU and an 800×480 pixel screen. If you have purchased an Android phone in the last year or two it possibly has at lowest that many pixels on a much smaller display.
Quite simply, you may use the Next 7S to browse the internet, read e-books, or perform different activities. But you’ll get a lot best experience if you spring for a tablet PC with a bigger quality display such as the Amazon kindle Fire or NOOK Tablet.
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