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NHK Hybridcast – interactive TV

NHK Hybridcast – interactive TV

Hybridcast is an infrastructure system being created by NHK, with a view to commercial utilize in 2013. This method mixes broadcasting with the Web, to allow a variety of TV-centered companies.
During this year’s NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories Open Day, NHK showed prototype receivers, created along with manufacturers, as well as the service idea.
The service is achieved by running programs on HTML5, and we’re showing different methods of enjoying the service by using it with a tablet. For instance, if you’re watching a travel program, you can display where they are strolling on a map. And if you’re watching a questions program, you can take part by answering the questions
If used in combination with sports shows, updates about the players and the game can be coordinated with the broadcast timeline and superimposed on the display. This can be mixed with a service that shows where each player is, making a much more integrated watching experience.

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