12 Craziest USB Hubs

Dog USB Hub

12 Craziest USB Hubs - Dog USB Hub

Woof! The USB Hub Dog is man’s best friend. That is assuming that the man in question has a lot of USB devices that need to be plugged in to a single USB port.

Pig USB Hub

12 Craziest USB Hubs - Pig USB Hub

To put some fun into the daily boring USB’s and USB Hubs we see day in, day out, in every home, office and work place.

Turtle USB Hub

12 Craziest USB Hubs - Turtle USB Hub

This cute little turtle is a four port USB hub. He also has a secret. No he’s not a teenage mutant ninja hero in a halfshell. He’s a stash turtle:

Tulip USB Hub

12 Craziest USB Hubs - Tulip USB Hub

Turn your desk into a blooming garden with this pretty tulip USB Hub! Four USB high-speed ports are included, with one colorful red flower for each.

Aphrodite USB Hub

12 Craziest USB Hubs - Aphrodite USB Hub

Aphrodite was the Greek Goddess of love and now she can be your Goddess of Hub with the Aphrodite USB Hub. This bust is made of ceramic with a slip resistant base and has 4 ports to charge all the USB gadgets you love.

Skull USB Hub

12 Craziest USB Hubs - Skull USB Hub

Who in their right mind would NOT want this USB Hub on their desk? The top of the skull is even hollowed out to hold your fave candy, keys, spare change, paper clips, razor blades, plastic spiders or even eye of newt!

Robot USB Hub

12 Craziest USB Hubs - Robot USB Hub

All hail the mighty Roboto, come to conquer our desks and lay siege to our peripherals! Bow before his diminutive wrath! Standing a towering four inches tall, it really does wind up and stomp about your work space when it isn’t commanding your accessories with its four USB slots, or controlling your mind with its glowing green eyes.


12 Craziest USB Hubs - LEGO USB Hub

Transformer USB Hub

12 Craziest USB Hubs - Transformer USB Hub

Transformer USB Hub doesn’t transform into your typical boom box, but into a fully functional USB HUB device disguised as a laptop computer. When transformed into robot mode, Blaster can be posed in a variety of ways due to the multiple joints of movement, and will surprise anyone passing by your cubicle.

Airplane USB Hub

12 Craziest USB Hubs - Airplane USB Hub

Big ol’ jetliner, don’t carry me too far away. The aircraft’s propeller serves as a real working fan (with an on/off switch just above the cockpit) and the wings each have 2 USB ports to plug your gadgets into. When you plug this airplane into your computer it makes a sound like a jet engine taking off, which is only mildly annoying. Unlike a lot of other novelty USB Hubs, this one doesn’t look like they just took some cool object and randomly slapped a few USB ports into it – the ports look like they belong on the plane.

Chocolate Bar USB Hub

12 Craziest USB Hubs - Chocolate Bar USB Hub

This is a good choice for those USB fans. Shaped like a chocolate bar, the modular USB set could be a delicious device for your computer. Each piece functions as a modular flash drive, and the central hub’s touchscreen allows you to organize your files without connecting to the computer.

Medusa USB Hub

12 Craziest USB Hubs - Medusa USB Hub

Far too many peripheral hubs are cranked out without a single thought given to design, but thankfully, the creators of the Medusa Hub realized that aesthetics do matter. This interesting piece, which is sure to claim a section of prime real estate on your desk, boasts a trendy white finish, four USB ports, a pair of FireWire 400 connectors, a fan, and even a light.

The biggest and ridonkulous PC coolers

Thermaltake V1

One look at Thermaltake’s stunning V1 CPU cooler, and you may conjure up images of a dainty Asian hand fan. Those “fans” aren’t fans at all, however. (Well, the spinning cooling fan in the center notwithstanding.) They are, as you may have surmised, fins, which are attached to heat pipes, which are attached to a copper base honed to a mirror finish.

The biggest and ridonkulous PC coolers - Thermaltake V1
As it turned out, when the V1 debuted, it didn’t push the performance envelope. It did, however, open a lot of minds to the crazy idea that the inside of a PC needn’t be a grim mélange of circuitry ugliness. In fact, the Thermaltake V1’s stunning eye candy earned it a Red Dot Design Award in 2008.

Prolimatech Megalahems Rev.C

In 1998, a small but merry band of Taiwanese tech-heads walloped PC geeks everywhere with a monstrous CPU cooler they ominously named Megalahems. Looking like a pair of modernistic, gleaming highrises, the Megalahems distinguished itself not only by its raw size but by its two-pronged approach. With one highrise on the left, a completely separate highrise on the right, and an air-pressure-enhancing channel in the middle, it broke new ground and propelled rookie manufacturer Prolimatech into the high-end cooler conversation.

The biggest and ridonkulous PC coolers - Prolimatech Megalahems Rev.C
Prolimatech has since released two more Megalahems, Rev.B and Rev.C. The latter, debuting just a few months ago, offers compatibility with a wider range of processors. Prolimatechoids everywhere, rejoice!

NOFAN CR-95C Copper

Those clever wordplay artists at NOFAN (Get it? No fan?) conjured up something quite diabolical in the CR-95C Copper. How? Well, just look at it. It resembles the air filter you pulled from your ATV, except it’s plated in copper – shiny, beautiful copper. Moreover, because it has nofan—er, no fan – its cooling capabilities are 100% noiseless.

The biggest and ridonkulous PC coolers - NOFAN CR-95C Copper
This copper-coated rose has a few thorns, however. Namely, it’s so humongous at 7 by 6 inches and nearly a couple pounds, you may not be able to cram it into your case to enjoy its wonderfulness. And even if you can, the CR-95C Copper might just obscure the topmost PCI-E x16 slot on your motherboard. On the plus side, that gargantuan girth grants it the ability to keep even the beefiest of Ivy Bridge processors nice and chilled, with a 95W TDP rating. Just don’t try your hand at overclocking with this passive behemoth installed.

Scythe Godhand

When you name your business after the Grim Reaper’s favorite utensil and dub your product Godhand, you’re either criminally pretentious or crazily confident … and perhaps a wee bit obsessed with the afterlife.

The biggest and ridonkulous PC coolers - Scythe Godhand
Whatever the case, when Japanese cooler manufacturer Scythe announced the Godhand in early 2009, it justifiably attracted some attention. Obviously built on the philosophy that every centimeter of empty space inside a PC box needs to be filled, the Godhand sported a 250-by-250-millimeter fan and no fewer than ten thick copper heat pipes. It weighed a full kilogram and was about as large as a big tub of margarine.
Ultimately, the Godhand product never made it to market. The Godhand design, however, lived on, forming the basis of Scythe’s similarly bombastic beastie, 2011’s Susanoo.

Thermalright True Copper

The biggest and ridonkulous PC coolers - Thermalright True Copper

Why did one media wag once describe Thermalright’s True Copper as “the most insane air-cooled CPU cooler ever created”? Because it was beautiful. Because it performed beyond expectations. But mostly because it really was true copper – 100% true copper, from the top of its 4.4-pound body to the bottom. Scarcity also added to its allure: Respected cooler maker Thermalright chose to limit the True Copper run to a mere 3000 units.

Cooler Express Phase-Change Coolers

If you ever feel the need to drop as much coin on a cooler as you did on your whole PC, that’s the time to forget all this nonsense about wussy in-case cooling and take the whole thing external. In other words, get thyself a phase-change cooler.

The biggest and ridonkulous PC coolers - Cooler Express Phase-Change Coolers
Like a refrigerator, phase-change coolers convert liquid to gas to liquid to help keep things really cold. As in subzero cold. The base units, some the size of toasters, reside outside the computer case and attach to the PC via a tube or a series of tubes – kind of like the very blue Diva Plavalaguna in The Fifth Element.
There’s much more to the story of course, but suffice to say phase-change coolers are very effective. They’re also wildly expensive, often costing a “cool” grand or more.

Hardcore Computer Reactor

What if you dispensed with the fans and the fins, the pipes and the radiators, and instead submerged the entire computer—every blessed inch of it—in liquid? Submerge. The entire PC. In liquid.

The biggest and ridonkulous PC coolers - Hardcore Computer Reactor
Crazy talk? Not at all. That’s precisely what a company by the name of Hardcore Computer did in 2008 when it unveiled the Reactor—a PC filled with not just the typical parts, but also a whole lotta custom-made cooling oil. Though the newfangled (and pricey) Reactor eventually faded away, the company behind it did not, changing its name to LiquidCool Solutions in 2012 and selling products to the high-end business and server markets. Today, other options are out there for those needing a full-on submersion fix, and even Intel is toying around with the idea of dunking servers in mineral oil.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Goes Up For Pre-order In The US

Sony’s latest flagship Android tablet, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z is now available to pre-order in the US, the device us available from Sony’s online store and it comes with some impressive specifications.

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z features a 10.1 inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, there is also a quad core 1.5GHz processor and 2GB of RAM, and it comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

The Tablet Z comes with an 8.1 megapixel rear facing camera which features Sony’s Exmor R sensor, plus 32GB of built in storage, NFC, LTE, a microSD card slot and the device is also waterproof and dustproof, this version of the tablet comes with 4G LTE

Sony Xperia Tablet Z specs:

• 10.1″ Full HD Reality Display (1920x1200p WUXGA)
• Just .27″ thin, weighing 1.09 lbs.
• 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro
• 8MP Camera
• NFC Supported
• Water and dust resistant
• Powered by the Android™ platform

Hexapod Robot “Mantis” is an Impressive Alternative to Cars

The only thing more strenuous than facing the grueling battle of bus tickets, waiting times and passenger queues, otherwise known as the nightmare of public transport, is the hassle that comes with owning a car. The practical, sturdy ones leave much to be desired in terms of aesthetics as most can be described as ‘eyesores’ and the expensive, flashy ones will leave consumers out of pocket in both initial purchase and maintenance cost terms. Needless to say, getting around without much use of footpaths, is quite a difficulty.

Hexapod Robot “Mantis” is an Impressive Alternative to Cars

Enter challenger ‘giant hexapod robot’, because people might not need one to travel, but boy do they want one because who needs a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or a Maser-whatsit when there’s the option to travel in style via a fully operational mechanical robot.

Of course, Inventor Matt Denton realises that this impossibly cool looking invention would be just that, impossibly cool, but defying the realm of ‘possibility’ altogether, he’s gone and invented it, much to the sheer delight of vehicle collectors everywhere.

Having built miniature hexapods in the past during his time at Micromagic Systems, Denton is actually a specilist in the field of animatronics and special effects, having designed some impressive movie magic in the likes of ‘Lost in Space’ and the more recent blockbuster hit, the Alien-based title, ‘Prometheus’. This invention, called the ‘Mantis’ is actually his first foray into the giant hexapod landscape.

Sitting at 9.2 feet tall, far taller than the average human, man or woman, weighing in at two tons, the Mantis is powered by a 2.2 turbo diesel engine. This mechanical beast is designed to take on any terrain, and it’s unlikely, that with statistics that impressive, that any terrain will be able to stand in its way.

Hexapod Robot “Mantis” is an Impressive Alternative to Cars

The Mantis, which is pictured in an image right at the top of this post, can also be controlled via wi-fi, or, as most people would rather like it can be driven first-hand as there is plenty of room for a driver to take the front seat.
Denton says that while it’s not intended for general sale, people can hire it out for a go, or just to show it off at exhibition if they wish.

Facebook Prepares a New Android ‘Home’ App – Facebook UI

Facebook and their own smartphone. Yes, there is yet another new story in the sea about that unusual pair, and this time we might not have to wait that long to find out whether the “real” device is coming from Facebook or not. Today, Facebook has scheduled an event “come see our new home on Android.” While it is fairly vague of an initiation (as ‘new home’ could be anything, ranging from a home screen to a real device), some details have emerged since the event got scheduled.

Facebook Prepares a New Android ‘Home’ App - Facebook UI

Worth having in mind is the fact that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the popular social network continuously denied that they were working on their own device as it “would not make much sense” for them to do, but that they are certainly working on improving the integration with the existing mobile platforms. Built-in sharing is part of many different platforms and solutions already, so what could Facebook present this Thursday – what could actually be the “new home on Android?” Starting this year, Facebook launched a free calling service for all users of the Facebook Messenger app in the US, so there is definitely a chance to expand in that segment on Android or push it even further.

Some rumors went on to say that there will be an actual device which will push and carry the new Facebook’s software – but most if not all features should be available for the rest of the smartphones on the Android platform soon after. This new home should be an entirely new home screen launcher, filled up with Facebook information user wants to see, according to some sources.

The Wall Street Journal claims that the social network has been working on a special piece of software for Android devices, which would enable the aforementioned home screen. What is not surprising is another piece of info WSJ managed to get, and that is the tight link between Facebook and HTC is still present. Both companies previously had some attempts (or should we say – experiments) with making a Facebook oriented smartphone devices…

Those previous two phones which were “closely integrated” with Facebook were an utter market disaster back in 2011. Advertised as devices for “texting and Facebook integration,” they disappeared quickly from the radar screen of those rare potential buyers. One smartphone had a physical keyboard, and the other one was touch-screen only. Accidental similarities to the ill-fated Microsoft Kin?

Both were manufactured by HTC under names ChaCha and Salsa respectively. Devices had an average set of specifications (800MHz MSM7227 Turbo from Qualcomm, 512MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM), and were running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. What made them different from the rest of the HTC’s Android lineup was the little blue Facebook button nested in front, in order to make “sharing of status posts, images or videos easier.”

Facebook, while having more than 650 million mobile users, should not underestimate those potential buyers again – and is therefore making the software available for all Android devices, if we are to believe some sources. Still, it seems there was at least one test HTC device for that particular piece of software Facebook is about to unveil on April 4th. While digging through the system dump of the “Facebook phone,” folks at Android Police have revealed that it is a real deal – although they could not manage to log on into the new software in order to see how it looks like in action, although some fragments have been extracted successfully.

Some of the features the Facebook Home software has is the ability to spawn windows that remain on top of all other windows, probably in order to make chatting more convenient, it has the permission to turn off the lock screen or activate as soon as the phone starts up, it is able to monitor the status of other applications on the phone, and so on…

Facebook Prepares a New Android ‘Home’ App – Facebook UI

Whether the device will see the light of the day or just remain as a prototype unit remains to be seen. Specs of that device codenamed HTC Myst are once again average, carrying a 1.5GHz dual-core MSM8960 from Qualcomm, paired with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of non-expandable storage. Myst is supposedly running the Android 4.1.2.

Hitcase Pro Case for iPhone 5

There are phone cases, and then there are phone cases. Since this is an extremely lucrative industry, you know for sure that competition among case manufacturers are tough, but out of the entire pile, there is sure to be a few notable products that will rise to the occasion, and I must say that after reading up on the Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5, this does seem to be a particularly good candidate for those who want not only decent protection for your shiny new iPhone 5, but also has a penchant for photography with Apple’s smartphone. It is said that the Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5 is not only tougher and slimmer, but it is also capable of tripling your iPhone camera’s field of view, helping to transform your phone into the ultimate waterproof, mountable POV camera which allows you to upload and share videos from your latest adventures instantaneously.

Hitcase Pro Case for iPhone 5

Hitcase, after all, is an old hand when it comes to churning out rugged sports activity products for the iPhone range, and the Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5 will no doubt prove itself by being waterproof, and works up to 33 feet underwater. The Hitcase Pro boasts of a new 170-degree custom lens which is capable of delivering sharper and better-saturated photos as well as videos, and will target both outdoor and action sports enthusiasts who also have a penchant for sharing their interesting adventures with the rest of their mates.

Hitcase Pro Case for iPhone 5

The Hitcase Pro will now pair itself up with the updated Vidometer 2.0, which so happens to be a free app which will allow you to select custom overlays whenever you record your speed, altitude, G-Force and other data on top of your videos, followed by making sure the rest of the world knows of these details after you upload them to Facebook or YouTube.

Hitcase Pro Case for iPhone 5

The Hitcase Pro’s ShockSeal ensures that water and dust will have no way inside, where it sports a patent pending H-seal design which delivers an extra barrier over standard single-seal, O-ring cases. Each Hitcase Pro case will be accompanied by a GoPro Compatible Railslide Mount, a Tripod TiltR, a StickR Mount, a Wrist Strap, an additional Port Plug, and a Quick Start Guide.

Source: Hitcase

New in Sony Vaio E Series – portable 11inch laptop

Sony has extended its Vaio-E line notebook range, releasing a series of portable 11″ laptops.

New in Sony Vaio E Series - portable 11" laptop
E-series 11 notebook is an 11.6″ addition to the 15″ and 17″ E-series versions that Sony released past month, and is targeted at customers who want to “stay mobile without sacrificing PC functionality”.
Sony Vaio E-series 11″ includes: AMD dual-core 1.7GHz E2-1800 CPU, the E-series 11″ arrive with integrated AMD Radeon HD 7340 graphic card, 4GB of RAM (max 8GB) and a 500GB HDD.
The 11.6″ Vaio display works with 1366×768 resolution, however the notebook may drive an external monitor at up to 1920×1200 through its VGA or HDMI ports.
Sony claims the E-series 11 will give you up to 6 hrs of battery life from a one charge and will support the mobile phone charge function that tops up your mobile gadgets battery through USB even if the notebook is turned off.
With a weight of 1.5kg, the laptop is heavier than some bigger ultrabook versions, however weighs 100 grams lighter than Sony’s own 13″ ultrabook, the Vaio T13.
Notebook has one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI out, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth, gigabit Ethernet, and a cardreader supporting both SD Card and Sony’s own Memory Stick flash cards.
Not surprisingly, there’s also an HD web camera powered by “Exmor for PC” for better, crisper chats.
Sony’s new 11″ notebook is presented in 2 colors – white or black, priced from $620 and will ship with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium.

Acer presents Aspire Timeline Ultra M5 Ultrabooks

Acer currently introduced the Aspire Timeline Ultra M5 series of Ultrabooks. These are thinner and lighter than previously models of the Timeline collection, the new Timeline Ultra versions are only 0.81″ thin and weigh just 4.3lbs. The Timeline Ultra Series gives 3rd generation Intel Core i3 or Core i5 Ivy Bridge CPU, NVIDIA graphics and 14 ” LCDs or 15.6″ displays. All versions contain a 2-spindle style (DVD and HDD). A 500GB HDD gives plenty of space for big files.

Acer presents Aspire Timeline Ultra M5 Ultrabooks

The Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M5 Series of Ultrabooks is going to be on the market at the end of June and costs $679.99 – $829.99.

iPhone 5 concept by Martin Utrecht

iPhone 5 concept by Martin Utrecht

Recently, in the Internet published a series of photos that even Gizmodo claimed were pictures of the true iPhone 5. Actually they were some excellent renders created by Martin Utrecht in an program known as Rhinoceros-3D.

Martin designed a new iPhone with a larger screen, unique docking solutions at the bottom part (wireless pins and micro USB port or 30 pin solution). The phone has a black back and a metallic ring around the borders. Configuration: 4.1″ screen with 1136 x 7xx quality, an 8 mega-pixel camera at the back, a quad-core Apple A6 CPU, 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space.

iPhone 5 concept by Martin Utrecht

iPhone 5 concept by Martin Utrecht

iPhone 5 concept by Martin Utrecht
Include to that the new iOS 6.0 and the Apple Maps app, new Facebook integration. Will Apple shock us with something different this fall? Or will the fresh phone look like this iPhone 5 concept?

Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse – first mouse with 20 buttons

Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse - first mouse with 20 buttons

Logitech presented the newest inclusion to its favorite gaming group – Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse, a extremely customizable especially developed for multi-player online players. The computer mouse features 12 thumb keys (20 total), set in 3 groups of 4 on designed thumb panel, with 3 default profiles – all for quicker game-play.
In inclusion, it has a G-Shift functionality that very easily doubles the number of actions you may execute with any key, providing you full control in your favorite  games. As with all of our G-Series goods, the buttons are programmable so you may make your own macros, save them in the mouse’s memory, and use them with one touch.
For extra customization, the thumb panel’s lighting is customizable with 16-mil color combinations.

Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse - G-buttons panel

Sales start in July, price $80.